Graffiti Removal

Serving Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti creates a negative impression and is bad for business.

Your employees and customers are quite likely to feel uncomfortable working or shopping in areas where graffiti is evident. That’s why it’s good for business to get rid of graffiti as soon as it appears.

As part of our complete exterior maintenance program, Contract Sweepers and Equipment provides graffiti removal throughout Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio. We also provide our services in Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, and Huntington, West Virginia.

Varied Methods to Remove Graffiti from Different Substrates

While the vandals leaving graffiti may not discriminate on the surfaces they choose to mark, the cleaning pros at Contract Sweepers and Equipment use different tactics based on what we are cleaning. Our service teams are able assess the surface that requires graffiti removal and apply the appropriate type and amount of cleaning power.

Bicarbonate soda blasting is an extremely versatile, mildly abrasive technique that can be used on the toughest of coatings and the most sensitive of surfaces. Armex blast cleaning lets us remove the graffiti without damaging the surface below. On painted metals, our chemical cleaning does the trick.

In other cases, heated, pressurized water, along with environmentally responsible cleaners if needed are the right tool to scrub and clean graffiti from walls.

In cases where covering over graffiti makes the most economical sense our service crews are skilled at color matching most paints.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Contract Sweepers and Equipment has been providing service to businesses since 1960.

Because our sweeper trucks are visiting your parking areas, dumpster bays and loading dock on a regular basis, our crews are skilled at spotting issues and flagging service records to make the facility manager aware of any graffiti or dumped off waste materials. Our service teams can alert you before unsightly graffiti becomes a larger appearance concern.

Trust us with Your Graffiti Removal

Safety, security and appearance are important to the success of your business. Get rid of graffiti eyesores around your facility before they grow into larger issues — contact Contract Sweepers and Equipment for a free estimate today.