Pervious Concrete Rejuvenation

Serving Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Pervious Concrete Rejuvenation

Pervious pavement (concrete or paving blocks that allow water to flow through) is used to avoid sending water through storm sewers in parking areas, residential streets, or pedestrian walkways. Contract Sweepers and Equipment provides ongoing care, cleaning and rejuvenation of these water-permeable paving surfaces throughout Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio. We also provide our services in Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, and Huntington, West Virginia.

We have been seeing an increase in the use of pervious paving, also called porous paving, gap-graded paving, permeable paving, or enhanced porosity paving, over the past decade. This paving design is typically used as part of a stormwater management design to reduce stormwater runoff and replenish aquifers. However, sand and sediment can clog pervious concrete over time, diminishing its effectiveness until the paved surface no longer drains water.

Not only does this defeat the intended purpose, it can also cause standing water and flooding to occur if the stormwater and runoff from other areas is not able to pass through.

Proprietary Systems, Knowledge and Equipment

Contract Sweepers and Equipment has developed a proprietary pervious concrete rejuvenation treatment that we use to have your pervious concrete performing as good as new.

Our process has been tested and recommended by the Ohio Concrete Construction Association. Immediately after rejuvenation, even the heaviest of downpours will pass through your pervious concrete with ease.

Porous Pavement Testing, Cleaning and Rejuvenation

Preventative maintenance care of permeable concrete areas includes periodic water flow measurement of these surfaces to establish a schedule that identifies the point at which clogging occurs. The water flow measurement test allows us to calculate the amount of clean rain water that can be accepted by a porous pavement area with drainage through the system.

Rather than waiting for a complete clog-up to occur, it is advisable to have periodic cleaning performed. The most appropriate equipment to consistently clean permeable pavement is a regenerative air sweeper.  Regenerative air sweepers blast air down and clean deeper to better lift silt and other materials from the holes and provide the necessary transfer and pickup actions to far more completely clean the surface.

It is extremely important to note that use of any machine using brooms should be avoided.

If during a pre-sweep water flow-rate testing, it is found that the flow rate of the surface is so poor that sweeping is no longer effective, our complete pavement rejuvenation process should be used.

Rejuvenation of pervious pavement requires power washing the surface with a “deck/flat surface” type machine which has been modified to “vacuum” water.

Contract Sweepers and Equipment works with multiple methods of cleaning permeable pavement and we are always happy to help educate our customers on proper maintenance requirements. Whether your paved area requires emergency sweeping or you are interested in scheduling regular, ongoing service for your pervious pavement, Contract Sweepers will deliver a dependable, value oriented sweeping solution provided by licensed, bonded, drug-tested, professionally trained environmental technicians.