Construction Sweeping

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As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs.

Road Sweeping at Construction Sites

Contract Sweepers and Equipment has experience working with challenging construction timelines and budgets. We recognize that in today’s competitive business climate, maintaining sub-contractor productivity is more important than ever. Construction site managers who outsource their power sweeping needs to Contract Sweepers and Equipment keep their sub-contractors productive, while we focus on cleaning up the dirt tracked out of, or around, the jobsite.

Contract Sweepers and Equipment is the trusted choice to keep your construction site compliant with local and state environmental requirements and keep your work crews productive and safe. Our familiarity with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Clean Water Act (CWA) regulations makes your job easier.

Obligation to Remediate Tracked Dirt and Soil Runoff

Contractors have the responsibility to provide controls at any active construction or demolition site to help prevent dirt and debris from earth disturbance (digging) from entering storm drains and ultimately the water system. Environmental Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans are developed to assure that when you dig, dirt stays on your construction site and does not drain to the neighbors, the streets, or into the stormwater sewer system.

Construction vehicles exiting your job site onto paved roadways and streets can track sediment and dirt. Planning for consistent construction sweeping reduces liability caused by damage from loose rocks, dirt and debris. Maintaining the cleanliness of your building job site not only keeps your crew working at maximum efficiency, regularly scheduled sweeping also promotes good standing with your community, neighbors, and local and regional inspectors.

In addition to creating a routine sweeping and clean-up program coordinated with your schedule, the SWPPP-trained pros at Contract Sweepers and Equipment can provide you with some best management practices -BMPs – for builders at construction sites to help prevent dirt transfer onto paved areas.

Regulatory Compliance for Fugitive Dust and SWPPP

Are you required to provide power sweeping services as a BMP to be SWPPP compliant? In almost all cases it is mandated that your job site is EPA compliant. Scheduling sweeping services with Contract Sweepers and Equipment may help avoid penalties, work-stoppage delays and fines while you are also protecting the environment.

The primary reason for removing waste from construction sites is helping to control fugitive dust and storm water runoff contamination. Contract Sweepers and Equipment has comprehensive knowledge of the environmental issues surrounding dust mitigation and stormwater run-off associated with construction sites and can keep you in compliance with environmental regulations.

Our customized sweeping plans deliver proven results that will be tailored to fit the requirements of your construction project. Our trained, experienced operators are detail oriented and care about the success of your project.

Is There an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Construction Site?

An unannounced or unplanned visit from the city or a state EPA-enforcement officer can shut down a construction site, requiring you to provide adequate control of erosion and sedimentation at the construction site before work can continue. Although we work closely with building contractors, paving companies and construction site excavating companies to provide scheduled, regular sweeping, we also understand that unexpected inspections can occur.

Contract Sweepers provides on-call availability – 24/7 – providing you with a flexible sweeping solution to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of Contract Sweeper’s full-service construction area sweeping

  • A detailed and tailored initial cost survey and proposal covering the scope of service
  • Equipment that matches capabilities to your sweeping requirements and debris levels
  • Reliable response to your sweeping service request
  • Elimination of capital outlays for equipment purchase and maintenance
  • A cleaner, safer, and compliant jobsite at lower sweeping costs
  • Accurate, computer generated billing clearly indicating the service date(s) and location which corresponds to the service ticket provided by the operator
  • Qualified sweeper vehicle operators provide total job site clean-up or coordinate with DOT requirements to sweep in tandem with road construction crews during paving, grinding, sanding, chip seal, or slurry application

About Us

As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA-Certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs. Since 1960, Contract Sweepers & Equipment has helped lead the power sweeping industry in contracted cleaning services, cleaning equipment sales and rentals.

Our reliable services are trusted by commercial, parking, industrial, and municipal properties. We provide a comprehensive range of sweeping services and other exterior maintenance programs including parking lot sweeping, warehouse sweeping, construction sweeping, street sweeping, highway sweeping, graffiti removal, pervious pavement rejuvenation, snow removal and more.

From our management team to our operators, our employee-owned company goal is to satisfy you with our level of service. Our three main Ohio facilities in Columbus Dayton, and Cincinnati provide services in those metro areas as well as Northern (Covington) Kentucky.

Contract Sweepers is ALWAYS available with our fleet of 60+ vehicles! We are ready to help with your scheduled or emergency needs! Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your property the best it can be.