Industrial Sweeping / Scrubbing

Serving Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs.

Warehouse Floor Sweeping & Scrubbing

Floor sweeping and scrubbing services for factories, industrial and manufacturing plants, and warehouses is another of the many services Contract Sweepers and Equipment provides throughout Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio. We also provide our services in Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, and Huntington, West Virginia.

Workplace dust and dirt build up can cause respiratory issues for employees and may also hinder operations of electronic and mechanical equipment.

Workplace safety and employee morale is directly affected by interior floor cleanliness. A well maintained, clean work environment is a necessary ingredient in the achievement of a healthy, productive and profitable facility.

Let Contract Sweepers and Equipment help you maintain your warehouse or factory floors with regularly scheduled sweeping and scrubbing. A consistent cleaning plan reflects and reinforces ownership’s concern for the work environment and helps your employees take personal pride and care of their workplace.

Contract Sweepers and Equipment is the preferred choice for sweeping and scrubbing the interior of your warehouse.

Your concern for your employees’ health and safety will be reflected in their personal pride and care for their work space. Being diligent in removing debris from your facility will keep employees safe and healthy, and it will allow your machines to work more efficiently.

Floor Maintenance BMP #1? Regular Sweeping and Scrubbing

A program of scheduled sweeping and floor scrubbing should be a part of your warehouse or manufacturing plant’s regular preventative maintenance plan. In addition to being vital to employee safety, productivity, and company morale, routine warehouse scrubbing reduces downtime and the hassle and frustration of unnecessary repair bills from airborne dirt-damaged equipment. A clean warehouse is an efficient warehouse.

Contract Sweepers and Equipment is ready to be your full-service warehouse floor sweeping / scrubbing provider. Think renting a warehouse sweeper or scrubber may be a better fit? We do that too!

The Right Sweeping / Scrubbing Equipment for Interior Floors

As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs. Contract Sweepers and Equipment maintains a large fleet of specially-designed industrial floor sweeping and scrubbing equipment able to safely remove dust, dangerous chemical build-ups, mold, pollutants, and pathogens from your facility. Our machines operate efficiently and can sweep and scrub simultaneously, leaving a clean surface behind.

Our industrial grade sweepers maintain high traffic areas and can clean up in-plant demolition or construction debris. Importantly, Contract Sweepers’ trained operators can navigate narrow and crowded spaces of factories and industrial spaces.

Rental of our warehouse sweepers and scrubbers can also be arranged without an operator by the day, week or month.

Call us or submit a request to make warehouse sweeping a part of your routine preventative maintenance plan. Maintain your interior floor cleanliness with the proven experts.

Reduce Capital Outlay for Equipment Purchases and Maintenance

Contract Sweepers & Equipment always provides:

  • A detailed initial cost survey and proposal tailored to your sweeping job requires
  • Experienced operators who understand the complexities of operating in tight aisles
  • Cleaner, safer floors at lower costs
  • A customized, flexible schedule that accommodates your hours of operation
  • Equipment that matches the sweeping requirements and debris levels specific to your job
  • Reliable response to your emergency situations or unscheduled special needs

About Us

As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA-Certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs. Since 1960, Contract Sweepers & Equipment has helped lead the power sweeping industry in contracted cleaning services, cleaning equipment sales and rentals.

Our reliable services are trusted by commercial, parking, industrial, and municipal properties. We provide a comprehensive range of sweeping services and other exterior maintenance programs including parking lot sweeping, warehouse sweeping, construction sweeping, street sweeping, highway sweeping, graffiti removal, pervious pavement rejuvenation, snow removal and more.

From our management team to our operators, our employee-owned company goal is to satisfy you with our level of service. Our three main Ohio facilities in Columbus Dayton, and Cincinnati provide services in those metro areas as well as Northern (Covington) Kentucky.

Contract Sweepers is ALWAYS available with our fleet of 60+ vehicles! We are ready to help with your scheduled or emergency needs! Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your property the best it can be.