Milling / Paving Sweeping

Serving Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs.

Pavement Milling / Conditioning Road Sweeping

Contract Sweepers & Equipment provides sweeping services for asphalt milling, and road conditioning resurfacing projects throughout Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio. We also provide our services in Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, and Huntington, West Virginia. Our highly trained sweeper operators focus on both efficiency and thoroughness keeping up with your crews during every portion of your paving project.

As a paving contractor, staying on schedule is vital for every phase of your job. To complete your project within the exact specifications and timeline allowed, you need a committed, competent partner. In the competitive paving business, time is money and Contract Sweepers is the sweeping contractor you can count on!

Extensive Sweeper Operator Training

Our sweeper operators know how to help paving contractors optimize your project’s time management restrictions. Because of their training and years of experience on the job – our sweeper truck drivers quickly adapt their equipment based on each milling operation’s specific requirements. Ensuring that the roadway passes inspections and traffic can resume safely in a timely manner is at the core of our work. In addition to staying in constant communication with flaggers, job superintendents, onsite personnel, and police, our drivers can help keep you on track by managing the high volumes of heavy material resulting from the milling and conditioning process.

Large Fleet of Sweeping Vehicles Means We Are Ready When You Are

Contract Sweepers & Equipment has a wide variety of truck mounted sweepers in our fleet and we are able to provide the right piece of equipment for your project. Utilizing efficient, high capacity broom sweepers reduces travel time to your paving location and allows us to sweep more area in less time. Our sweepers can keep up with even the most demanding milling operations and unload collected asphalt, gravel, and debris into any size dump truck, boosting your efficiency.

Our vacuum sweepers improve the productivity and integrity of paving operations by sweeping fine dust particles, and even surface water, ahead of tack being applied prior to paving.

The “Rush Factor” and Coordinated Sweeping for Mill & Fill Operations.

Nighttime mill and fill operations are often scheduled to minimize lane closures and traffic disruptions. Maintaining communication between your crew and the street sweeping subcontractor becomes critical to adhere strict timetable.

Providing sweeping during and after milling presents potentially hazardous conditions because unlike in most sweeping situations, there are additional personnel and re-paving equipment where sweeping is happening.

For that reason, we send our most experienced and skilled sweeper operators to operate sweepers on mill and fill projects.

Your goal is our goal – to have safe, debris-free roads that quickly clear inspection. We understand the complexities of sweeping during milling and repaving operations, and you can expect safe, reliable service for both your crew and the motorists with whom we share the road.

Trust Contract Sweepers and Equipment’ to create a professionally designed milling, conditioning and paving sweeping service plan that suits your paving schedule and budget.

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Repaving Site?

An unannounced or unplanned visit from the city or a state EPA-enforcement officer can shut down a paving site, requiring you to provide an immediate cleanup before work is allowed to continue.

Although we work closely with paving contractors to provide scheduled, regular sweeping, we also understand that unexpected situations, accidents and last-minute schedule changes can occur.

Our on-call availability provides around-the-clock emergency sweeping solutions to meet your specific needs. Our sweeping services are available 24/7/365.

Subcontract your milling, conditioning, and paving sweeping with the proven experts Call us or submit a request to learn more about our milling/conditioning/paving sweeping services!

Reduce Capital Outlay for Equipment Purchases and Maintenance

Contract Sweepers & Equipment always provides:

  • A detailed initial cost survey and proposal and tailored to the scope of service your sweeping job requires
  • Experienced drivers / operators who understand the complexities of milling, conditioning and paving operations
  • Roadways that are cleared more quickly for traffic flow
  • A customized, flexible schedule 24/7, 365 days a week
  • Equipment that matches the sweeping requirements and debris levels specific to your job
  • Reliable response to your unscheduled special needs and emergencies

About Us

As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA-Certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs. Since 1960, Contract Sweepers & Equipment has helped lead the power sweeping industry in contracted cleaning services, cleaning equipment sales and rentals.

Our reliable services are trusted by commercial, parking, industrial, and municipal properties. We provide a comprehensive range of sweeping services and other exterior maintenance programs including parking lot sweeping, warehouse sweeping, construction sweeping, street sweeping, highway sweeping, graffiti removal, pervious pavement rejuvenation, snow removal and more.

From our management team to our operators, our employee-owned company goal is to satisfy you with our level of service. Our three main Ohio facilities in Columbus Dayton, and Cincinnati provide services in those metro areas as well as Northern (Covington) Kentucky.

Contract Sweepers is ALWAYS available with our fleet of 60+ vehicles! We are ready to help with your scheduled or emergency needs! Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your property the best it can be.