Parking Garage Cleaning

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As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs.

Parking Garage Sweeping & Scrubbing

Your parking garage is the location where customers often make their first impression of your business. A dirty parking garage says “Go Away” while a clean environment is welcoming.

Contract Sweepers and Equipment is the preferred choice for parking garage cleaning throughout Greater Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio. We also provide our services in Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana, and Huntington, West Virginia. Cars and trucks track dirt into garages quicker than you can remove it. Don’t let dirt, oil spots, and other debris accumulate in your parking garage.

Make the right first impression with a routine power sweep cleaning program. Whether you need weekly, monthly or annual cleaning, Contract Sweepers and Equipment can sweep and deep clean your garage floors, stairwells, and walls. By utilizing a combination of sweeping and scrubbing, as well as heated high pressure washing, we tackle the toughest of garage and parking deck cleaning challenges. Our crews can even remove graffiti.

Outsource Parking Garage Cleaning to Stay on Budget

In today’s competitive business climate, a dirt-free environment is essential to attract quality tenants and their customers.

Although your property’s visual appeal to customers and potential tenants is as important as ever, tightening maintenance budgets may have forced you to consider reducing scheduled sweeping and other maintenance staffing.

Dirt, debris, and litter accumulates daily with constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic moving through your parking garage. That mess, left unattended and uncared for, negatively affects the appearance of your property and elevates maintenance costs.

Dirt, trash, oil and other debris also may get tracked into retail stores or offices attached to your parking facility. This grime and abrasive sediment not only deteriorate the concrete decks of your parking garage, but also dirties tenants’ spaces and common areas.

Outsourcing your parking sweeping and site maintenance to Contract Sweepers can help keep your overall maintenance costs on-budget while your parking garage, common areas, and surrounding entry points remain trash-free and looking sharp!

Call today and see how we can work with your needs and your budget to create a program that keeps your parking decks, common areas, and sidewalks in and around your garage clean year-round.

Parking Deck Scrubbing Helps Maintain Concrete Life

Contract Sweepers and Equipment provides a unique parking deck scrub system that not only removes abrasive organic debris, but also cleans up grease and oil stains. Our sweepers are ideal for cleaning wide surface areas. Their powerful side brooms and rear squeegees provide the agitation necessary to give the cleansers and degreasers the head start they need to deeply penetrate your paved surfaces. No matter the debris or size of your parking area, we can meet all your pavement maintenance needs.

A professional sweeping and scrubbing maintenance program improves your facility’s image. Consistently cleaning will also extend the life-span of your parking garage and exterior areas, ultimately saving you time and money.

Contract Sweepers and Equipment has over 40 years’ experience customizing plans and can adapt our services to fit the needs of your unique shopping area or commercial parking garage. We have trained, experienced employees who are detail oriented and care about the look that you project as well as the environmental impact of regular sweeping.

Call Contract Sweepers or click here to submit a request for quote. We’re happy to share customer success stories and tell you more about our proven results in Parking Garage Sweeping services!

Have an Emergency Requirement to Sweep your Parking Facility?

Although maintaining a clean, well-tended parking garage is a top priority for your facility to make a positive first impression we understand that accidents leaks and storms may cause emergency clean-up situations. We work closely with building supervisors and facility managers to provide scheduled, regular sweeping, but also understand that unexpected situations can occur. Whether there is an accident or unexpected spill, our on-call availability – 24/7/365 – provides a flexible sweeping solution to meet your specific needs.

We’re available to help.

Call us or submit a request to learn more about how our parking area scrub and sweep services can help you!

Reduce Capital Outlay for Equipment Purchases and Maintenance

Contract Sweepers & Equipment always provides:

  • A detailed initial cost survey and proposal and tailored to the scope of service your sweeping job requires
  • Experienced drivers / operators who understand the complexities of milling, conditioning and paving operations
  • Accurate, computer generated billing
  • Qualified operators to provide total parking area clean-up sweeping
  • A customized, flexible schedule 24/7, 365 days a week
  • Equipment that matches the sweeping requirements and debris levels specific to your job
  • Reliable response to your unscheduled special needs and emergencies

About Us

As the Midwest’s largest NAPSA-Certified sweeping contractor, you can depend on us for all your sweeping needs. Since 1960, Contract Sweepers & Equipment has helped lead the power sweeping industry in contracted cleaning services, cleaning equipment sales and rentals.

Our reliable services are trusted by commercial, parking, industrial, and municipal properties. We provide a comprehensive range of sweeping services and other exterior maintenance programs including parking lot sweeping, warehouse sweeping, construction sweeping, street sweeping, highway sweeping, graffiti removal, pervious pavement rejuvenation, snow removal and more.

From our management team to our operators, our employee-owned company goal is to satisfy you with our level of service. Our three main Ohio facilities in Columbus Dayton, and Cincinnati provide services in those metro areas as well as Northern (Covington) Kentucky.

Contract Sweepers is ALWAYS available with our fleet of 60+ vehicles! We are ready to help with your scheduled or emergency needs! Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your property the best it can be.