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Buy Used Street / Parking Lot Sweeping Trucks - Schwarze A7000 - 2007 (Used)

Schwarze A7000 - 2007 (Used)

Unit #:  R577
Year:  2007

The Schwarze A7000 Ride On Street Sweeper uses a regenerative air system to picks up all debris – from large to PM-10 fines keeping your streets and environment cleaner.

Key Features:

  • Regenerative air system
  • 8.4 cubic yard hopper
  • Picks up particles as small as PM-10 fines


Built to be tough, the Schwarze A7000 Street Sweeper can handle the heavy-duty jobs with its regenerative air sweeper and 8.4 cubic yard hopper to store the debris. The A7000 is one of the largest and most powerful air sweepers out there and can handle a wide range of demanding road-sweeping applications.

The highly efficient regenerative air system picks up even the smallest particles hidden in pavement cracks and irregularities. It can even pick up the “PM-10 fines” which are known to contain heavy metals, phosphates and other pollutants. The front and rear of the sweeping head have double-belted curtains that work to contain debris and any fugitive dust. This is better for the environment as recent studies have shown the importance of removing PM-10 fines because of the pollutants they add to storm water runoff. So not only do you get cleaner streets using the A7000 sweeper but you also contribute to a cleaner environment.