Why Sweep?

Why Sweep on a Regular Basis?

We’re sure many property managers and owners have wondered exactly why they sweep their roadways and parking lots. There are several benefits to street and parking lot sweeping, the most obvious of which is the aesthetic value it brings. At the very least, a regular street and parking lot sweeping routine will rid your pavement of debris. Trash on your property is an eyesore for patrons that may make them uneasy about visiting your property. As the first thing your clients see when they get to your property, you don’t want to give them the wrong first impression before they’ve even entered your site just because you’ve neglected picking up your trash.

However, the biggest impact of street and parking lot sweeping is on the environment. Over time, fine dirt, grease, and nutrient particles find their way onto your pavement. If not swept, these particles can make their way into your business and even your homes. Even worse, when these particles are thrown into the air, they become known as fugitive dust (also known as “air pollutants”). When rain washes these particles from your property, they enter your stormwater system and streams, rivers, and lakes, damaging the wildlife and putting toxic particles into our drinking water!

Regular sweeping, especially with our regenerative air sweepers, can rid your pavement of these dangerous particles while also removing the heavier debris like bottles and trash bags. So the next time you’re thinking about your pavement’s cleaning needs, think about your responsibility to protect the environment.