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Used Street/Parking Lot Sweepers

Used Street/Parking Lot Sweeping Trucks

If you’re looking for a used  street / parking lot sweeping truck, you’ve come to the right place. You can trust our equipment. Our unique position as both an equipment dealer and a cleaning contractor means we know this equipment inside and out. Our team can fit you with the perfect deal if you’re working with a tighter budget. And remember- if you don’t see the perfect machine on our website, contact our sales staff anyway: we’ve built relationships with a variety of regional and nationwide dealers to make sure our customers’ needs are met.

Advance RS 501 (Used)

A machine for all seasons, the Advance RS 501 wet/dry rider vacuum sweeper works hard all year long. It can reach into places other outdoor sweepers can’t.

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Elgin Crosswind – 2007 (Used)

With its simplified design and low maintenance, the Elgin Crosswind gives you superior performance and reliability. Greater dust suppression and large hopper capacity give operators a longer time to sweep.

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Schwarze A7000 – 2007 (Used)

The Schwarze A7000 Ride On Street Sweeper uses a regenerative air system to picks up all debris – from large to PM-10 fines keeping your streets and environment cleaner.

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Tymco 210 (Used)

Built to provide high performance, low maintenance, and the perfect size for parking deck or large lot. Picks up everything including leaves, trash, sand, and rocks. Dust control and piggyback hopper.

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Tymco 210h – Sweeper Only (Used)

The TYMCO engineering team designed a single engine sweeper that will simultaneously give owners uncompromising performance while maintaining the high standard of reliability for which the company is known.

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Tymco 600 BAH – 2017 (Used)

The TYMCO 600 BAH is perfect for all your power sweeping needs – from municipal street sweeping to construction sweeping. The BAH on this Model 600, stands for the Broom Assist Head.

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Tymco DST-4 – 2014 (Used)

The DST-4 is a mid-size street sweeper with an engine that can reach legal highway speeds so you can literally use it anywhere. This dustless sweeper can pick up even the tiniest particles and will not blow them back into the environment.

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Tymco DST-6 – 2013 (Used)

The TYMCO DST-6 is a full-size, dustless street sweeper that has the ability to sweep all year and it picks up even the tiniest particulates.

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