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Rent Street / Parking Lot Sweeping Truck - Tymco 210

Tymco 210 (Rental)

Built to provide high performance, low maintenance, and the perfect size for parking deck or large lot. Picks up everything including leaves, trash, sand, and rocks. Dust control and piggyback hopper.

Key Features:

  • Environmental features and benefits
  • TYMCO Regenerative Air System
  • 32-inch diameter gutter broom
  • Two truck types
  • Several add-on options available


When other sweepers are too large or the capacity and power too small, TYMCO Model 210® is just right. You will appreciate the high productivity, low maintenance Model 210 with its water capacity (up to 102.5 gallons) that provides hours of sweeping combined with excellent dust control.

Your operators can high dump even the heaviest of loads thanks to the Model 210’s heavy-duty dump cylinders. A 32-inch diameter gutter broom uses smart technology to retract if it ever encounters an immovable object. This avoids damage to the broom.

Capacity, power, low maintenance, and the latest technology combine to make the TYMCO Model 210 the perfect sweeper. Add-on options are plenty and include: stainless steel hopper, back-up camera and monitoring system, dual steering, and an auxiliary hand hose.