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Nilfisk-Advance Cyclone CY5000 & CY5500

Cyclone technology powers the Nilfisk-Advance CY5000 and CY5500 pressure washers. The Cyclone recovers the water, filters out the contaminants, and then recycles that water. The self-contained system is environmentally friendly and as powerful as a category 4 hurricane.

Key Features:

  • 34" cleaning path
  • 40" hydraulic cleaning and recovery head
  • 360-390 gallon water tank
  • 315 gallon recovery tank
  • Onboard water heater


When you need an incredibly powerful outdoor surface pressure washer, take a look at the Cyclone CY5000 and the CY5500. The CY5000 has a 360-gallon fresh water tank and a separate recovery water tank while the CY5500 has a larger 390-gallon water tank and a recycling system.

Both machines are self-contained and have Kubota liquid cooled turbo diesel engines.

The Cyclone works when the spray nozzles work in tandem with the spinning turbines. This creates a vortex of air and water that’s as powerful as a category 4 hurricane. The vortex creates a high-pressure cyclone of debris and water that thoroughly cleans the outdoor surface before the water and material go into the recovery tank. The onboard recycling system filters the recovered water so your operators can clean for longer periods of time.