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Factory Cat Magnum

The FactoryCat Magnum is known for its durability, and the cylindrical brush option allows operators to sweep while scrubbing, which saves time and increases productivity.

Key Features:

  • Long battery life
  • 30 gallon solution & recovery tanks
  • 24-34" cleaning width
  • 35-45" squeegee width


The FactoryCat Magnum Walk Behind Floor Scrubber may have a basic design, but there is nothing basic about this machine. Constructed from heavy steel, it has thick polyurethane tanks that can take a lot of hard knocks and still come back swinging.  The 30-gallon tanks provide plenty of water to get the job done, without taking up as space.

For concrete floors, the Magnum applies heavy down pressure and high RPM brushes to really force out the dirt and dust leaving nothing behind but a mirror-like shine. It can also cut through tire marks and foot traffic scuffmarks without even working up a sweat.

FactoryCat’s Magnum Scrubbers are so popular in the industry that the company based their MiniMag and MicroMag designs off the Magnum, hence the names.