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Factory Cat MicroMag

The FactoryCat MicroMag is smaller than the Magnum and the MiniMag however; it still provides high performance, efficiency, and improves productivity, all in a compact design.

Key Features:

  • Transparent tank lid
  • 10 gallon solution & recovery tanks
  • 17-20" cleaning width
  • Brush-assist drive


Smaller than the Magnum and MiniMag, the MicroMag is no wimp when it comes to cleaning! It ventures into small and hard to reach areas in factories and warehouses – it cleans tile floors in a shopping mall, and is an excellent tool for clean up in a small machine shop.

 Easily clean built up dirt and grime from industrial flooring with the MicroMag Walk Behind Scrubber. It cleans up oil spills quickly and can reach between machines when there’s a tight squeeze.

The smaller size means a smaller cost but this machine can handle daily cleaning chores.

The MicroMag has an attachment called the Clean Caddy that allows the operator to get into corners that need cleaning or vacuuming. Wherever the MicroMag goes it leaves only a streak of clean behind.