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Factory Cat MiniMag

The MiniMag is a smaller version of Factory Cat's Magnum. It’s a walk in the park with this walk behind scrubber that’s ideal for tight spaces that may be difficult to maneuver in.

Key Features:

  • Solution Gauge
  • 17 gallon solution & recovery tanks
  • 17-28" cleaning width
  • Removable Debris Basket


Factory Cat’s MiniMag Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper is known for its simple design and durable construction, which represents an incredible value for the customer. The MiniMag has a sealed transaxle making it easy to climb steep ramps. The great thing about these machines is if you have a lot of debris to pick up while deep scrubbing floors, this is the machine you need!

Removes years of dirt and oil making concrete floors look brand new. Remove tire marks with ease. The MiniMag will save you time and money since you won’t need to pre-sweep. This machine cleans different types of floors, too – tile, concrete, terrazzo, marble and more. The hopper is easily accessible and stores all debris to keep the scrubber from stopping up.

Your operators will appreciate the fact that steel guards and polyurethane rollers keep the machine from marking customer walls.