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Rent Walk Behind Sweepers & Scrubbers - Factory Cat 34

Factory Cat 34 (Rental)

Take a look at the FactoryCat 34 if your need is for a compact, robust walk behind sweeper. The side broom gets into corners, sweeps debris under the machine, and then that debris goes right into the hopper.

Key Features:

  • Self-propelled
  • 34" cleaning width
  • 3-5 hour battery run time
  • 2.0 cubic ft. hopper capacity


Sometimes big things come in small packages. That’s the case with FactoryCat’s Model 34 Walk Behind Sweeper. This industrial sweeper has survived decades (literally) in some of the most unforgiving work environments including: brick manufacturing, mines, and steel mills. Designed almost 25 years ago, this sweeper picks up: dirt, dust, metal shavings, bolts, foundry sand, paper, sawdust, and more.

Great for indoor applications this Walk Behind Sweeper will pick up everything in its path and store it in the hopper until the job’s done. Dust is no problem thanks to the built in filtration system that catches and contains the dust. The built in side broom is added so the operator can clean areas that aren’t normally within reach. The Model 34 battery provides power for more than 4 hours per charge and the sweeping broom is self-adjusting to account for wear.