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Tymco 500x

The Model 500x provides an adjustable dump height so your drivers can dump the hopper contents into containers from 2 feet to 11 feet tall thereby allowing the operators to have more flexibility when it comes to performing their job.

Key Features:

  • TYMCO Regenerative Air System
  • Broom Assist Pick-Up Head
  • Rubber Lined Blower
  • Regenerative Air system


Use your Model 500x to sweep highways, city streets or sweep up behind other trucks. The main feature on this sweeper is the dumping hopper lift assembly. To date, this is the most advanced high dump street sweeper available. The dump height can range from 2 feet to 11 feet and the large hopper door ensures all debris is removed. The hopper door is hydraulically and mechanically locked for an air and watertight seal.

The Model 500x design has low maintenance, easy access components, and an operator friendly design. The Broom Assist Head has full-width air blast and suction and it works in tandem with the Regenerative Air system to create high efficiency, reliability, and environmentally friendly. This sweeper picks up a variety of street debris.