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Buy Used Street / Parking Lot Sweeping Trucks - Tymco 600 BAH - 2017 (Used)

Tymco 600 BAH - 2017 (Used)

The TYMCO 600 BAH is perfect for all your power sweeping needs – from municipal street sweeping to construction sweeping. The BAH on this Model 600, stands for the Broom Assist Head.

Key Features:

  • Comdex
  • Broom Assist Pick-Up Head (BAH)
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Hydraulic hand hose
  • Curtain lifter


The TYMCO Model 600 BAH is easy to operate, and does a fantastic sweeping job. Of course this model is equipped with a Broom Assist Head (BAH) that’s controlled from inside the cab by the operator. That way, broom-assisted sweeping is used only when needed. The TYMCO Regenerative Air System picks up the majority of debris and keeps it in the filter so tiny dust particles doesn’t go back into the air.

The pick-up head uses full-width air blast and suction to lift a wide variety of street debris from light trash to heavy dirt. Long-lasting Duo-Skids® deliver better sweeping performance and longer wear for the pick-up head.

The 12” diameter by 79” broom is mounted at the rear of the BAH and is totally enclosed providing optimum dust control. The BAH broom rotates quickly, automatically applying as much pressure as needed to loosen heavy, ground-in debris and propelling it into the air blast to save your operators’ time with faster sweeping.