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Buy Used Street / Parking Lot Sweeping Trucks - Tymco DST-6 - 2013 (Used)

Tymco DST-6 - 2013 (Used)

Unit #:  2168
Year:  2013
Miles:  37,008
Hours:  1,702

The TYMCO DST-6 is a full-size, dustless street sweeper that has the ability to sweep all year and it picks up even the tiniest particulates.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Hopper, Screens, dust Separator & Dust Box
  • 2010 UD Chassis- Single Steer
  • 3 camera system
  • Gutter Broom Drop Down
  • LED Arrow Stick
  • Led Bar Light
  • Pick up Curtain lifter


The DST-6 is a full-size street sweeper that uses filters with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 16 Rating to remove dirt, dust, and debris from street surfaces.  These filters are so powerful they exceed PM requirements. Because of this powerful filtration system, the DST-6 can do an equally impressive job in wet or dry conditions. The DST-6 can reach legal highway speed limits so you can drive it to a job site.

The TYMCO DST-6 pick-up head has a width of 87 inches and the broom’s fast rotation loosens ground in dirt and sends it into the clean air system.

The large 43″ gutter broom tilts, allowing operators to reach into the deepest gutters. TYMCO uses a multi-pass cylindrical centrifugal dust separator that’s designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The DST System filters air through a pre-cleaner and cartridge filters. These filters can capture 95% of 0.30 micron and larger size particles. Both the pre-cleaner and cartridge filters are washable.

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