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Tymco DST-6

TYMCO’s DST-6 is a full-size, dustless sweeper with the patented Regenerative Air system so your company can use it year round. This makes the DST-6 a highly efficient machine that is environmentally friendly and removes even the tiniest dust and dirt particles.

Key Features:

  • 43" Gutter Broom
  • Pick-Up Head
  • High-Efficiency Dust Control
  • Hydraulic Dump


TYMCO’s DST-6 is equally efficient in wet and dry conditions with no operator adjustments needed. So go ahead, drive through those puddles!

The synergy of all features is what makes TYMCO sweepers so great.  You get increased productivity with these low maintenance sweepers saving time and money. Instrument panels are ergonomically correct for the operators so they conserve energy as well.  A 43-inch gutter broom leaves no refuse in its wake.

TYMCO’s Regenerative Air Sweepers have been used in industries and municipalities where dust and contaminated material must be picked up, contained, or eliminated. Environmental regulations aren’t just for hazardous waste dumps and chemical plants. All types of fugitive dust and polluted water runoff are a concern for regulators.